The OPERAND GROUP supports Searchers, Investors, and its Partners in the Search Fund Community.


Searchers come from many walks of life. While most are recent MBA graduates and have a limited amount of professional experience, the OPERAND GROUP has experience backing entrepreneurs who have been successful re-inventing their careers after many years in the business world. The OPERAND GROUP is an all-the-time support network for Searchers who are thirsty for the ideas, insights, and information that will improve their prospects for success in both search and executive roles.


Search Fund Investors include a small number of investment groups, a slightly larger number of “serial” investors in Search Funds, and a large pool of “one-off” high net worth individuals who have a personal relationship with a searcher. While the investor profile is varied, all searchers yearn for activist investors – individuals who improve the searchers’ prospects for success by bringing more than just capital to the table.


Co-Investment is the most defining feature of the investment experience with respect to Search Funds. Each Search Fund is itself a team of investors who leverage one another for subject matter expertise. The OPERAND GROUP supports its Partners by engaging each of its investments as if it were its only one, and treating each co-investor in the Search Fund as a valued resource. The OPERAND GROUP is also eager to increase awareness in the Search Fund Model, which it believes it can achieve by supporting its institutional co-investors inasmuch as promoting the category overall.